Thursday, 27 October 2011


My apologies for keeping all of you waiting for so long a...but hey lets put the dirty boxers aside and start know, we wanna confess something..these trips that we talk about they are tremendously tiring..not getting the drift right..well imagine sitting on a plane for three hours and then getting on a car and sitting in it for about 8 to 9 the time you get off your posterior is not your frnd anymore...well this is generally the case but u get used to it....However the almighty is merciful at times, but this time it was more of a dream come will see what i mean...Well, we dnt really ask our manager where we are playing..we just ask whether its a college gig or we can abuse the living s**t out of him when we dnt like anything..which we do anyhow.....So, starting off with the story.. we get on a flight at 6 in the morning heading out to jaipur...the pink city..and for some retarded reason one wall of every house is coloured pink...not really a guy thing but it looked very beautiful from the skies... we get off and our manager tells us our car is waiting outside the the way to let you guys in on a secret..we just love walking out of airports carrying our respective guitar feels so cool..anyway cutting out the crap...we get to know the college is approximately one and a half hours away..or something..we were not paying attention...we get in the car and almost immediately doze off.....when we wake up we see this huge gate which looked like we were about to enter the lost city of fuji tiki or something...well here something very odd happened..I step out of the car and go to this table near the the amazing thing is i can see only girls...which makes me go all serious and underground authorityish..anyway i walk up to the table and say "we are here"...i dnt know why i said that...but i did...every girl looks at me and immediately goes back to work ignoring me like a random fat guy..thats where my ignored polite fat person mode comes out..i pick a girl..i mean not pick her up..i go to her and say "excuse me"..the girl hands me a form and says here fill this up...believe you me at that point i was feeling like the guy standing in line at a government office in the paragon chappal ad..I stand there like an ass and look at the bandmates make no effort to help..instead they just curse and abuse me..Like a scared kid i ask the girl "uumm excuse me what am i to do with this"...the girl looks at me and says cant you this point of time a girl runs towards me and says "what are you doing do you know who he is".... i finally feel relieved and believe me i could have kissed her for saving me...she comes and says "I am extremely sorry, where are the rest of you" i get back my lost honour back and answer in a deep voice..."yes there are five of us in the xylo and three more will be arriving shortly in a white indigo with our equipment"...she gives me a very confused look and says but we have only arranged lunch for three"...i fall back into the pit of despair and say "what","lunch?",..she says," yes you all said only three of you will be coming".With a heavy heart and a straight face i say.."we are UNDERGROUND AUTHORITY".... immediately everyone of the girls stop what they were doing..and the girl goes.."oh im so sorry, you can go and sit in the car i will handle everything..please...and i think she said sorry a hundred times more."I come back and tell my band-mates and they just cant stop laughing...they just love pulling my leg and what had happened was a gold mine for manager comes and he cant stop laughing aswell...well we go back to the hotel, me being the village idiot of the the show is in the evening..we go do soundcheck and come back..when we are on stage and the curtain opens we all go.."wooooooowwwwwwwwwww"..,this is what we saw...girls was an all girls college in the middle of nowhere...i mean talk about an oasis.....woooohooo..we had the time of our lives and we played there on 5th april,two days after our birthday and we couldnt have asked for a better gift...i mean we are guys...dnt get ideas...and we couldnt have asked for a better audience....this is not where the story ends..infact that show was a beginning of a lot stories..all of which cannot be...well you know..explained...but we loved every minute at MITS....and as far as our experience kuntal da would say..HA HA HA HA........ and by the way incase you are wondering who that girl mistook us for..well she thought we were a hip hop dance troupe..i mean i dnt know how she got that idea looking at me......


  1. omg...!simply amazing....better late than never...So u finally wrote about this Special journey! :D

  2. PS: u performed on 8th November! so..busy ogling at the girls...u forgot the date! :P