Sunday, 22 May 2011 name is............

                               Well im sure all of you have heard about us and some of you.."SOME OF YOU"..know a few of us PRETTY well..if you know what i mean but i dont think that a lot of our friends on FB really have wear you helmets,buckle up and get your barf bags ready cause its gonna be a bumpy ride....Ladies and Gentlemen i give you UNDERGROUND AUTHORITY..!!!!

                                               He has the most irritatingly loud voice,can spend more than two hours in the bathroom,can walk out of a girl's room and when asked..Kya hua..??has the potential of saying MAINE KUCCHU NAHI KIYA.....lekin woh...??..can sport the Sharukh khan look while playing a song like REALISE and WE KILL G.I.JOES on stage  ..complains about everything and always gets someone else to do his everyday work...yes boys and girls put your hands together for Mr.ADIL "shogo" might also call him "Iago"-the amzingly gifted guitar player..batman fanatic and a very talented sound engineer...all the songs are recorded at his place and engineered by him...but lets not bore you with boring details......

                                        Adil has been playing with me for the past 5 years or so is probably one of my closest friends.There are somethings that you need to know about adil..he is very straight forward person....doesnot know the meaning of the term Diplomatic..which makes the five of us love him even more..i will give you guys an instance..Sajid Khan(scientific name- homo prickian)comes up to us for a "FRIENDLY"chat and asks us whether we have watched his movie, Housefull..all of us nod in a very confused manner while adil says.."no i havnt..but i have heard it is very stupid.." you see what i mean.....loves sushi for some reason and is gifted with the worst taste buds in the band..if he likes something..donot and i mean Donot taste it...take it from a professional who has suffered..i mean when he has PHUCHKA or panipuri as you may call one can have the way he gets it prepared one can taste and live to talk about dnt believe me just ask any of the other members....all our band work is done from his palce and the best thing about his place is aunty's hath ka food....his mother's biryani and shami kabab is out of this world..likes to keep his hair short..because of feminine reasons ofcourse and has been said to have a very childish smile...which has recently imparted this chocolate boy attitude in him..which can get on your,sleep,his mom,his mom;s cooking, momos,to spend time in the bathroom,the MOON,batman..just check out his new batman guitar....he is a hit with the ladies and very recently is developing a can call it LOVE handles......has won best guitarist at almost all the competitions we have been amazing composer and has the amazingly  rare quality of calling different people who are coming for different reasons to his house at the same time..dont understand let me with adil at pandit ji chillin..when i say

    Me-aye kal subah recording hai kitna baje tak free hoga
    Adil- ek kaam kar 11 am tak aja mera ghar..sabko one should be late
    Me-ok.(i call all the others everyone is cool with it)
  ( adil gets a call from his girlfriend....)
    Adil-Hello.!!.after that i cant understand a single word though i am standing right next to him...his conversation incluudes smiles..rhetorics and funny noises...after he hangs up....
    Me-kaun tha
    Me-kya bola
    Adil-We are goin out for a movie tomorrow
    Me-nice.. what time..??
    Me-lekin recording..
    Adil-oh right...let her come a 12 i will take her for the 3 pm show..she wont mind.i will handle it
    (adil gets a call from our very good friend Gujju...u might know him as Bhaveen juthani)
    Gujju-aye kal milega
    Gujju-kab free rahega..
    Adil-come to my house at 12....
    Gujju-ok..hangs up
I am standing surprised .....
     Adil-kya hua
    Me-Kal recording...girlfriend  ko bhi bulaya...abhi gujju
    Adil-oh haan..thik hai usko ane de...i will handle it...
He gets another call from a friend....
    Friend-aye kal lunch ke liye..wanna come
    Adil-sure..isharas to me that i need to go with him..
   Friend-ok what time you wanna come over..
this time i give up.........................

Well thats adil for you....for more details contact source.........c ya guys soon



  1. lets all hang out...monday 12 baje :P

  2. so what happened at last???
    how did he handle the recording,his girlfriend,gujju and his other friend :D