Wednesday, 1 June 2011

What?......My Name Is............

                      And in this corner weighing in....uumm never mind..this is not really the perfect way to introduce our beloved E.P.R..whom we know as...... Yagaswami Krishnaswami Santhanam Srinivasan wonder he is a rapper.... and the first rap he ever wrote was on the first line of an examination sheet....if you know what i mean......well moving on...the fist raising,aggressive,slogan chanting,angry young madass you generally see on stage or on your wall..too frequently if you ask actually quite a softy....dont get me wrong all you twisted people...what i mean is our little Srini is actually a very sentimental,emotional,lovably irritating little now lets not hold hands here...but you really need to interact with the dolt to actually get to know how he is....freaky madass who loves to get into any sort of brawl with the got it right he actually has the nerve to take me on..obviously he knows im not going to retaliate but our E.P.R loves to get into trouble and loves to piss ppl be precise piss me off....he has done it all...poured tomato sauce on my head...toothpaste on my face...shaving cream on my belly....believe me it was neither a pretty sight nor a pleasant feeling......however no matter what he does he always gets away with it and that is exactly what i was talking about..its always his baccha attitude that saves his all can picture him as the ballon stealing kid with the big goo-goo eyes or spectacles in his case......Well i think you all know by now that you need to be partly screwed in the head and all insane to be a part of Underground Authority...and well this muchacho leads a whole pack of crazy asses.....i mean we just found out that in the past 6 months this guy bought 25 shirts and only one pair of jeans....dude seriously......couldnt have painted a better picture....well now lets bore you with some details like.
                                                                     Srini is as big a cartoon freak as adil and amazing writer...a fairly good actor..i mean theatre...and a man with a lot of words in hand..and guess what they a thorough home.................afraid of dogs,beaches,the sea,crabs and well sometimes anything that moves voluntalrily or involutarily and has hair....hehe.....cmon you knew something like that was coming right....Anyway Srini has a huge obsession for shirts,gadgets,games..the biggest fan of Eminem there is and has waited infront of music world from 5 am to 10 am just to buy the first copy of 'Relapse'...and is the owner of the new IPHONE 4....yeah....
                                                                     The biggest shocking news is he is single.....and sometimes his singleness can make him a little well lets just give you guys a peek..........

    Me- hey where were you....
    Srini-arrey i dont feel good......i want a nice girl for myself  
    Me- Well you go on so many dates why dont you like any girl 
    Srini-they are not right..i was not feeling good since morning...
    Me- relax will find your princess one day..
    Srini-but when....... im tired..i was feeling so low since morning...
    Me- so what did ya do about it..
    Srini-Went to southcity and bought myself a new bag,shoes and 3 shirts..yyyeeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!

after something like this you dont reply..if you are sane that is..i mean i was actually sympathizing with the you know how freaky this bloke Underground Authority was born on his birthday..3rd april..woo hoo.....there is never enough space to tell you about this guy completely but well the energy source of the nuclear plant called UA.........cheers...c ya soon....guess what E.P.R stands for....???


  1. e stands for eminem..
    p i dont remember..
    and the r maybe some teacher's name whom he respects alot..well thats the thing i know..:P he shopoholic?XD

  2. I know the meaning of 'R'

  3. people we have a deadly VAMPIRE in front of us!!!!! save ur lives and......

  4. 2 important things missing.......

    1. the glossy black long coat with high collars covering the ears.....

    2. the hair should have been back-brushed.... :P

    baaki attitude is perrrfecct!!!!! well done my boy!!!

  5. Dunno wat EPR stands defntly eager to knw wt it actually means!!! Nyc stuff really.. :D :D

  6. cool piece of writing...hd a nyc tym reading it :D ;)

  7. E for Eminem
    P for Preity Zinta
    R for Rupa:his 1st english teacher :)

  8. thanks for your comments...more cool stuff on the way

  9. EPR stands for Emcee Poet Rapper

  10. is he still single???
    P.S. I <3 u epr