Saturday, 2 July 2011


If you wake up one fine morning in a hotel room and see a very thin body wrapped in white cloth, mouth open and eyes rolled up don't feel scared because that guy is not dead, he is just our drummer  taking a very blissful nap....yes you guessed right.... its time to introduce the guy making the most racket on stage...yes boys and girls give it up for the guy with the longest sticks amongst all five of us.hehe...Mr Sourish Kumar...Now at first glance this guy might look harmless but don't be fooled by the mysticism of his locks(hair) or the innocence of his face because this guy is a madman..he is a potentially dangerous creature...infact if anybody is going into a straight jacket amongst all of us it's this guy...Now now..don't get me wrong or anything but this guy is a bit cuckoo cause he is the most impulsively violent person amongst all of us....oohh it might not sound dangerous but you don't have a clue...ask epr what happened when he spilled tomato sauce on Sourish's hair....well apart from his spurts of anger..this guy is one of the sweetest,well behaved(and I'm not being cynical),soft spoken(infact sometimes we wish he opens his trap)genuine and honest people you will ever come across....not to mention one of the best drummers in the country...I mean this guy can really play......let me tell you something....if you are looking for a man with 'all his limbs working' in top notch condition..this dude is your meat sweetheart...if you know what I mean,they don't come any better than this......He is one of my best buds and I have been playing music with this dude since our school days..we gel really well..Infact people say we are like a perfect ten..don't believe me just check out our photos together.....see what I mean....Anyway...sourish or 'sunny' as his friends call him is one the most dedicated people I have ever seen..I mean he has this irritating pad on which he keeps practicing day in and day out....we just Love his BLUE DRUM PAD...just love it... coming back,he loves to watch movies and listen to various kinds of music I mean you will find hell of a lotta music at his place..but the reason why I love this guy is because he is the one who introduce me to MARY JANE..;)...and believe you me I can say... both of us fell in love with MARY JANE together...Infact I believe that apart from the drummer-bassist bond that we's also the MARY JANE bond that is really strong......Now comes the biiiig news....Sourish is gonna get engaged very soon to a very beautiful,caring and sweet girl..I won't say the name though...all of us are very happy for him and I can bet ya it's gonna be a heck of a bachelor party..UA style.....lets move away from sentimental land now and tell you guys...this guy works long range..I mean he might be there at the back,and all you can see is his torso for about one and a half hours but let me tell ya he gets a hell of a lot of female attention..and you know what half the time he stays oblivious...not because he is committed or anything..but because he has to pack up his huge drum-kit after the show..haha.....his girl-friend can actually relax because his drum-kit actually keeps him away from crazy female fans.....saaaaaddddddd...but thats life....and sourish would so agree with me....ohh ohh I almost forgot...this guy has amazing hair..I mean mesmerizing hair .....on his perverts.......this guy can actually endorse some shampoo and do a better job than those wig-headed women you see moving their heads in erotic fashion on television these days......This guy is a PUMA freak like KUNTAL AND EPR...if possible he would get his toothbrush from there aswell...I can also proudly say that this guy is the only member of UNDERGROUND AUTHORITY who is man enough to keep a mustache and beard...yeaahhh rugged....but his rugged sense of facial fashion sometimes gets to his head.....which can turn out to be ugly for all us..because this guy can handle all four at the same time without any problem what so ever...if you know what I mean......hhhhmmm....anyway see ya guys soon..keep commenting....


  1. hey bhaiya ....hope u remember me....its amazing to see you there...achieving your passion....and getting loads of has always been a treat hearing you since school....congratulations for your engagement .....

  2. Great work the great chul kumar as I call him perfectly described,,,,,cheers man proud to be associated with you sourish, AND DUDE CONGO on the engagement bit

  3. Sourish, cheers to you.. truly one of the best people you can ever come across.. You guys keep up the good work.. wishes from my side to you all and my long time friend Sourish.. cheers..!! :D